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Features and price of mobile in India are listed in this post. With more smartphone brands in India, Realme Mobile Phones has added itself to the list. Realme is a new company that makes mobile phones. Realme is a smartphone company based in Shenzen, Guangdong which is located in China. Along with Realme Mobile, TV & Headphones also produces. Its first smartphone was realme1, launched in India in May 2018. Whose features and quality were liked by all. Almost four million sets of Realme1 were sold. After this, It also launched its mobiles in the market of 20 countries. All of them liked its features and quality a lot. It launched its smartphone every year and made a new change in it. Its set has also been famous for its colors.
Everyone has liked Realme Mobiles for its color too. Aqua Blue and Forest Green have been a very popular color. The company worked on the features of its set every year and gave a new look.

Its dual rear camera, front camera, and battery capacity have also been very good.
Users have loved realme mobiles for its camera and sound. Users are selfie lovers. It has the best clarity of the camera. It has been one of the best choices for selfie cameras. Users have also liked it for its colors and designs.

The company gave a lot of attention to the colors and design of Its  Mobiles, which made the young people attractive towards Realme and more in its demand market. The company also took a lot of attention to the battery capacities of its mobiles. Realme very quickly made its way into the market. Its demand is increasing day by day. Young people have been very attracted to its features, colors, design, and battery backup.we can buy it’s online very easily. we gave you every detail of its mobile of the real company.

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