How to make money wordpress blog 2020

Hello, how are all you guys who wanted to know about my blog, how to make money WordPress blog, good question Today we are going to tell you about how to make money from WordPress blog, you will keep reading my blog carefully

First of all, I would like to tell you that in two ways you can create a blog in WordPress.

On WordPress’s own site,, you can work on WordPress by creating your account on a direct website, but you have limited access to it. can be downloaded and installed on your own server by downloading the ZIP of WordPress, you can customize it completely.

By the way, I will ask you to choose 2 Option for How to make money WordPress blog where you can strictly customize your WordPress blog and you can set the theme according to it. You can make its design work as you want, CSS, Javascript, you can install the plugin. If you have technical knowledge of WordPress, it will prove to be very right, here I am telling you some ways to How to make money WordPress blog, which is as follows

Write the blog well How to make money WordPress blog

Write the blog well How to make money WordPress blog

1. Earn Money Google AdSense on WordPress

With Google Adsense, you can add ads to your WordPress blog, and feel How to make money WordPress blog but for that, you have to go to Google and apply for Adsense. Google will review your blog, if it thinks that your blog is right according to it, then Google will give permission for ads. Then you can run ads on your WordPress blog, on which the user clicks, you get some earn money.

2. Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you have a link to some website that gives you a link, that is, some commission on selling the product. When a user buys products from your blog by visiting the website, you get a commission.

3. WordPress Plugin development to Sell Directly

Some user feel How to make money WordPress blog . Simple if they are technical, can create and sell WordPress plugins and earn a lot from them.

4. Create start Private Forum

You can create a forum on your blog and give paid membership in it, this method is also very good to earn money, where people comment on their topics.

5. Sell Sponsored Posts in Blog

When your blog runs very well, then people come back home or find you on your blog and want to get some of their posts advertised. For which he pays you which is your earning source on the WordPress blog

6. Write Reviews for client

You can also prepare a review for your client, for which your client pays you, you have to give this review on your website and blog.

7. Create a WordPress WooCommerce website

Nowadays, people do shopping from home. Creating a shopping website on WordPress is very easy for you For this, you have to install a plugin of Woocomers on your WordPress blog and can sell the product of your choice in it.

8. Security Consulting & Solutions

If you have a good understanding of blogs and technology, then you can offer the service of Security Consulting & Solutions to your clients. In return, the customer will pay you

9. WordPress Theme Development

If you know how to design and develop, then you can design a theme for your client and the design has to be customized according to the client, the client pays you for it like

  • Logo/branding creation
  • Custom page layouts design
  • Custom post types
  • eCommerce store design and development setup
  • Newsletter design and setup
  • Plugin install and configuration
  • Social media button integration

10. SEO & Marketing Services

You can provide SEO service for your client because many clients have to rank their website on Google. And there is the time of marketing which you can give to the service client, for which the client pays you if you rank his website

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