How to connect phone to tv connection.

How to connect phone to tv with a smartphone you can use a screencast. You need to make sure that both phone and TV are favorable to each other. However, this depends on the kind of TV or device you have. For Apple devices, Apple Airplay is the easiest way to connect any iPhone with a TV. For Android devices, use the cast feature on your smartphone to connect to the Fire TV stick. Make sure the device and the TV have the same wireless network.

How to connect a smartphone to a TV with an Amazon Fire TV stick.

You can cast your Android smartphone screen on TV through Firetv via wifi direct service on your phone. To connect the smartphone to a TV with an Amazon Fire TV stick, you need to follow the following steps:
1) First, you have to connect the firestick from the phone hotspot.
2) now go to wireless display in the mobile settings.
3) then turn on wi-fi and click on ok.
4) finally click on the fire TV stick. Now you can successfully use this with your redmi note 6 and redmi note 7.

How to connect your mobile phone to LED TV using Cast/ screen mirroring.

Screen mirroring is a technique, that allows you to mirror your smartphone on the TV. You can easily access all of your games, photos, etc. To connect your phone to TV using cast or screen mirroring, first, you need to open the Chromecast. Open the Home app and select the Chromecast device you want to connect. At the bottom of the screen, you will see e a word labeled cast my screen, tab on it. Now you will be able to see your phone screen on the TV. To stop casting your screen you have to click on the button stop mirroring in the Home app, then you will be able to stop your screen.

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