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Ambrane Bluetooth Speaker It is a good Bluetooth speaker available in the market for under 1000. This Ambrane Infinity 5 W speaker comes in the market with a rugged and compact design that makes it highly portable.

This Bluetooth speaker is small but powerful because of its 5 W audio The output gives rich bass notes and produces HD sound. Which enhances its quality. This Ambrane Bluetooth speaker has a 1200 mAh battery, which has a battery life of seven hours. With the help of which you can enjoy the convenience of using a portable speaker for a long time. You can also enjoy the call on this Bluetooth speaker. This Bluetooth speaker also has the facility of a microphone, which helps you to hand free to anyone Can also talk.

It is a waterproof speaker. It comes with IPX6 certification that makes it resistant to water and dust. Using the Bluetooth speaker’s TWS connectivity function to pair it with another speaker create a surround sound effect, including TWS connectivity. Ho. This Bluetooth speaker also has the facility of an SD card, with the help of which music can be enjoyed by playing music files saved easily.

5 / 5

5 / 5

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Product Specification

Ambrane Bluetooth Speaker Black, Stereo Channel

Model Number:Infinity 5W
Model Name:BT-47
Type:Mobile/Tablet Speaker
Power Output (RMS):5 W
Charging Time:2 hrs
Battery:Use Time 7 hrs
Width:11.2 cm
Height:8.3 cm
Depth:4 cm

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